The Cambrian Club is planned as a New York State Not-for-Profit Corporation to qualify as an Internal Revenue Code §501(c)(7), “Social Club”. As a §501(c)(7) social club, the Cambrian Club’s thirty-five (35) Class “A” Equity Members will combine resources to purchase, develop and utilize a 50± acre parcel of land (“the Parcel”) pursuant to the Club’s By-Laws and Rules.  Those By-Laws and Rules will lay out the precise legal and equitable interest of each Class “A” Equity Member of the Cambrian Club as well as the financial commitment each Class “A” Equity Member is committing to make.

        The Parcel to be purchased is a beautiful tract of land fronting one of the smaller Finger Lakes.  The 50± acre Parcel is situated with significant lake frontage and surrounded by heavily forested land.  Conveniently located, the Parcel is a 25 minute drive from Elmira-Corning Regional Airport.  Once purchased by the Cambrian Club, the Parcel will go through a three-phase development plan:

        Phase I    Land Acquisition and Utilities & Infrastructure development;
        Phase II   Construction of Club Amenities (Gatehouse, Clubhouse, etc.);
        Phase III  Construction of up to 35 homes with underground shelters.

        Once the development plan is completed, each Class “A” Equity Member will have a redoubt from the potential civil discord only a gas-tank drive from Boston, New York, Philadelphia or Pittsburgh.  Upon arrival, the Class “A” member will enjoy the peace, quiet and security of knowing that as far as possible, that discord will be kept at arm’s length in the comfort of a well-stocked, well-prepared, gated-community of similarly-situated, like-minded individuals.

        Present acquisition and development projections call for each Class "A" Equity Member to contribute approximately $400,000 over the three phases of development.